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Jul. 25th, 2007

01. Birthplace: bremerton
02. Planned baby: a happy surprise
03. Birth date: may 18
04. Any siblings: 2 of each
05. Younger or older: im the oldest
06. Hair color: brunette
07. Hair length: to my shoulders
08. Eye color: hazel
09. Shoe size: 8
10. Mood: bored
11. Smell: air?
12. Height: 5'4"
13. Lefty/righty: lefty

01. Do you remember your first real relationship: yes.
02. Do you believe in love: yes
04. Shortest relationship: a month? if that
05. Have you ever been heartbroken: nope
06. Have you ever fallen for a friend: yes. jason
07. Have you ever told them: were together now. so i'd assume so
08. Are you afraid of commitment: no
09. You ever had a secret admirer: no
10. Do you believe in love at first sight: lust
11. Ever been in love: yes, right now
12. Longest relationship: 1 year and 10 months, still going

01. Love or money: Love
02. Hard liquor or beer: hard liquor
03. One-night stands or relationships: relationship
04. Television or internet: tv
05. Pepsi or Coke: coke
06. Wild night out or romantic night in: romantic night in
07. Colored or black and white pictures: black and white
08. Phone or in person: in person
09. AIM or MySpace IM?: none

01. Have you ever been caught sneaking out?: yes. with fannie back in the day!
02. Have you ever skinny dipped?: nope
03. Have you ever done something you regret?: yes. but ive learned from it
04. Have you ever bungee jumped?: no
05. Have you ever been on a house boat?: yes!
06. Have you ever finished an entire jaw breaker?: only if gobstoppers count?
07. Have you ever been streaking?: no
08. Have you ever run away?: no
09. Have you ever caught your parents doing it?: uh, lets just say i dont like bambi anymore

01. Are you missing someone right now?: no
02. Are you German?: no
03. Are you Irish?: yes.
04. Are you French? no.
05. Are you Italian: no
06. Are you Norwegian?: no.
07. Are you Indian?: no
08. Are your parents still married?: no, they never were

01. Best friend?: jason and ashely and eli
02. What do you do when you're together?: stuff. eat mostly 
03. Do you have the same interests?: yes, thats why they are my besties
04. Do you have low self-esteem?: no
05. Do you get depressed about things easily?: nope
06. Do you live life to the fullest? yes!
07. Are you comfortable with the way you look? yes.
08. How do you dress?: first my pants. then my shirt
09. Are you scared of growing up old and alone?: kinda. but i dont think it will happen♥
10. What do you want to be when you grow up?: a teacher
11. Do you prefer indoors or outdoors?: outdoors
12. Are you a vegetarian?: no
13. Current song you're listening to: the tv

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