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 i can't sleep because i took a long nap at jasons house tonight. =)
work wasn't terrible today. only 3 more days until vacationnnn!! i don't think i like the new girl. i try but its hard! haha. after work i hung out with jsaon. i ended up falling asleep for about an hour as soon as i got to his house. after i woke up we watched highschool musical! it was good. haha. then we played my new mario 64 game and i went home. 

yesterday we saw chuck and larry with chandler and teresa. it was pretty funny. =) i love that guy from king of queens. hes halarious. jason and i decided to be pigs and we got popcorn, twizzlers, whoopers, and a cherry icee. =) teresa also bought me chocolates from germany!! i haven't tried them yet. they're at jason's and we keep on forgeting about it. before the movie jason picked me up from work in his sisters suv and it was leaking!! it was weird. it felt like it was sprinkling on us beacuse i guess the windsheild wasn't sealed all the way or something.. it was weird. 

oh! on friday i went bowling with the family. it was pretty fun. i definately suck! but i broke my record score of 69 and i got 107, i think! i can't believe that i don't remember the exact score but i definaltey broke 100. yay! then eli and josie and i played mario kart a few times until jason came. we bowled some more. after we were all obviously done. jason persuaded jodi to take 20 of his bucks and go bet it all on one hand on black jack. she was already drunk so she said yes. i went with her and she won the first one.. and only won 5 bucks! we were confused. hahah. then we decided to do it one more time. and left with 50! it was weird. so jason and i decided to buy a new ds game! haha. he got some dumb game and i got stupid mario 64 its too hard!!

oh and josie told me i was beautiful today. =) that made my day.