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Jul. 9th, 2007

i went swimming with jasons sister and her husband on sunday. their friend that we went to spiderman came too. we all went to wildcat lake. it was definatley a lot of fun. maria and shane had this big blow up thing that all 5 of us could fit on. we also brought out a little 2 person raft. it was fun. but we were there for only about 2 hours because the raft started deflating.. and the hose tape that jason bought from the gas station wouldn't stick in the water!!! WTF? we definately thought that would work. but it didnt.

i also dont like little bitches stealing stuff of my page!!!!!!!!!!!


today i hung out with m i s s ashleyy! we had a picknik at lions field. and we had this huge sandwich. it was so big that we couldn't finish it. so we threw the rest to the birds. we tried to give more to the ugly birds because the seagulls were so mean to them!! haha. but they were vicious. then we just played with her dog lillie. took some photos, and decided to get them developed at costco. i love costco. maybe ill go work there again. i wish that my scanner would work so i can put them on my myspace =)

then i made dinner, curry chicken, with eli. and got baskin robins with my love. =) we both watched his show the getbackers,, haha. and ended up falling asleep.

and tomorrow... should be good. going to see harry potter with eli before it comes out!! yay!!! im excited. be jealous!