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Jul. 6th, 2007

so my fourth was good =) i went to jasons in the morning and i just read my book and he watched his anime. .haha. then we went to my grandpas. i finally decided to go down the big grass hill with jason in the wagon. (a raido flyer with big dirt bike like wheels on it) it took a lot for me to go down. and i didnt like it. i was screaming my head off and we almost went into the creek. then jason tried to stand up on the wagon and fly down. uh, not a good idea. he went about 2 feet and flew off. then we played croquet. uh. after jason won that. kerri got there and wanted to play baseball. so we all decdied to go down there. i ended up seeing a snake in the grass and no longer wanted to play, since snakes are the worst. it was such a nice day too =) after like 4 hours dad finally decided to cook the steaks. and eli, rachel, kerri and i played aggrivation. and i happened to win. so we pigged out on steaks, clams, corn, potatoes, deviled eggs, just about everything. 
and jason and i left to pick up eric and go back to his house. i was sad that i didnt get any apple pie. but thanks to boo boo,. as soon as we got to his house he realized he forgot his raybans. so i went up to get them for him. and i got some delicious apple pie!! 
then i hung out with jasons fam and eric. we all decided to have some rum and coke. jason put WAY to much rum in my coke. it was literaly rum with about 3 tablespoons of coke. it was bad. and we lit fireworks, well, jason and eric lit fireworks. haha. 

i saw transformers yesterday with booboo and eric. it was so good. i didnt know how i would feel about the movie. but i loved every minute of it  =)